Handbook of Personal Evangelism written by Dr. A. Ray Stanford
The author of this book is my spiritual grandfather - Ray is the person that
led Dr. Hank Lindstrom to the Lord who inturn led me to the Lord!
This link will take you to the best FREE online book there is for the new Christian.
Read this book before you do anything else!!!
It is a MUST READ and will help you fully understand your new Gift of God!
It is at the top of my links list for a reason.

Dr. A. Ray Stanford

A story told by Dr. A. Ray Stanford that will bring tears to your eyes!!!


Dr. Hank Lindstrom

Bibleline Ministries "Internet" created by Dr. Hank Lindstrom
The author of this website is my spiritual father - Hank is the person that led me to the Lord.
This link will take you to the best online Christian website on the internet.
They answer over 700 questions and have 137 articles about God and His plan of salvation, and
they have lots of informative videos to watch. There are VERY FEW websites on the internet
that give you the TRUTH about God and HIS plan of salvation.
I trust this website completely and you can too!
* Dr. Hank Lindstrom passed away recently and is now with the Lord.
* Bibleline Ministries is being continued by someone I trust and respect Dr. Ralph "Yankee" Arnold.

Dr. Ralph "Yankee" Arnold


Dr. Curtis Hutson