The most important thing to remember while visiting this page is the fact that you are not required to give a dime to this ministry in order to get to heaven!

Giving to this ministry or your favorite church or to a homeless person has NOTHING to do with making it to heaven. Salvation is a gift and in order for ANYTHING to be a true gift it MUST come with ZERO strings attached!

God cannot call eternal life the "gift of God" and in the next breath give you a list of things you must do to EARN it. All gifts are paid for in full by the giver and are freely given or they are not gifts.

Jesus said that He was "THE WAY", the ONLY way to safely reach the golden shores of heaven. There is NO OTHER WAY for anyone on EARTH to get to heaven except by COMPLETELY trusting in the shed blood of Jesus Christ!!! ALL other religions will lead to the pits of hell and your ultimate destruction in fire and torment.... this is what God tells us in His word, so if you have a problem with this VARY NARROW PATH that leads to heaven (God, actually does call the path to heaven... NARROW), you will need to take your complaints up with HIM!!! ALL other religions are of the devil and are put in place to confuse and disorient those that are actually looking for the one true God and His plan of salvation. The devil is screaming from every mountain... THAT'S TO SIMPLE!!!

Jesus Christ paid for your gift of eternal life with His very life... His perfect sinless blood that was shed on the cross of Calvary is what is required to wash away all your sins so that you can enter into a PERFECT heaven. The bible clearly states that there is "no forgiveness of sin without the shedding of blood", so someone needs to die to get you to heaven. Either you will pay your sin debt by dying and then spending an eternity in hell under constant torment and pain or you can do what I did and let Jesus Christ pay your sin debt in full by His death and shed blood on the cross of Calvary over 2000 years ago.

Did you know that it would only take one little white lie to send you to hell FOREVER AND EVER??? Most people wrongly assume that a sinner is a murderer or a thief or a rapist and therefore they will probably get to heaven when they die... God tells us in His word that every man, woman and child on planet earth is a sinner and goes on to say that if you say that you are not a sinner, that you are a liar!!! The bible also tells us that no sin can enter into heaven... NO SIN, not any sin, ZEEEEROOO SIN!!! The ONLY WAY to get rid of all you sins past, present and all future sins are by trusting in the shed blood of Jesus Christ absent any of your good works. We cannot by our good works get rid of even the smallest type of sin and we MUST remove ALL SIN from our body before we die or we MUST BE SENT TO HELL to pay for the sin PERSONALLY!!! Trust in Jesus Christ and His blood sacrifice that He made on the cross of Calvary over 2000 years ago and you will be saved in an INSTANT and given the GIFT of eternal life. You don't need a priest to pray over you or pour oil over you or anything like that to be saved... it is all between you and God in heaven. God is always reading your mind and I can assure you the second you stop trying to get to heaven by your good works and you start TRUSTING in Jesus Christ ALONE to get to heaven God in heaven KNOWS and will gladly give you the forgiveness of ALL YOUR SINS and give you the gift of ETERNAL LIFE!!! Getting to heaven is as simple as that, and you have God's word on it... and God cannot lie!!!

If you have trusted in the payment that Jesus made on the cross of Calvary to pay for all your sins past, present and even all your future sins then you have eternal life. God calls His gift eternal life because you can never lose this gift, for any reason under the sun. No matter how badly you sin in the future, no matter how little you attend church, no matter how little you help your fellow man, no matter how little you read the bible, and no matter how little you give to ministries like ours you can NEVER, EVER lose this gift once you have recieved it!!! You have God's promise on this!!!

So now you may be asking yourself why do we have a donations page if it does not effect me going to heaven one bit???

We'll I am glad you asked... once you have trusted Jesus Christ as your only hope of reaching heaven absent any of your good works, then your heavenly bank account so to speak is opened up in heaven and your future eternal position and staus in heaven WILL be based on how you lived your life AFTER you got saved, born-again. God's plan is perfect!!! Yes, you can get saved simply by trusting in the finished work of the cross without any work or effort on your part, but your future position in heaven and the blessings and rewards showered down on you from heaven will be determined by your actions AFTER you got saved... did you try to sin as little as possible, did you try and lead anyone else to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, did you feed the hungry, did clothe the naked, did you read the bible, did you attend church regularly, did you give to a church or a ministry like ours??? You will be blessed and rewarded here on earth and in the future when you get home to heaven by these good works and when you backslide into sin, don't go to church, don't feed the hungry, don't clothe the naked, don't witness to the lost and don't donate to churches and ministries like ours then you will be losing rewards and blessing. That is God perfect plan... you will determine your position and status in heaven and the amount of blessings and rewards you will ultimately recieve, you and you ALONE are in control of your future!!!

Philippians 4:17 "Not because I desire a gift: but I desire fruit that may abound to your account." The Apostle Paul made sure he CLEARLY told the first Christians about their rewards and blessings account in heaven!!!

I personally think that the biggest rewards and blessing will be from witnessing to the lost people around us... telling people how to get to heaven and making sure they understand EXACTLY how they can be washed clean of all sins past, present and even future sins so that they can enter a perfect heaven. In fact, God tells us in His word in Proverbs 11:30 that "He that winneth souls is wise"!!! God is telling us that if you want to really be rewarded here on earth and in the future in heaven bring as many people with you to heaven as you can. This fact is so important for ALL christians... if you don't feel like God is currently blessing you as much as other christians around you,  then you might just want to examine how many things you are doing for the Lord that REQUIRE God to bless and reward you!!! You will recieve BLESSINGS AND REWARDS when you give generously and consistantly to this ministry! You will recieve BLESSINGS AND REWARDS for every person that gets saved, born-again through our website. Your BLESSINGS AND REWARDS will be given to you now while you currently live here on earth and you will also recieve more BLESSINGS AND REWARDS when you get home to heaven!!! You have God's promise that He will bless and reward you ABUNDANTLY for your generous giving!!!

Luke 6:38 "Give, and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over, shall men give unto your bosom. For with the same measure that ye mete withal it shall be measured to you again." The Apostle Luke explains that when you give to support Godly ministries like ours, God will bless you so abundantly that it will be like filling a sack full of grain... you need to press the grain down with your hands, and you need to shake the bag all around so you can just pack that bag so full it is just about ready to BURST and it is so full that the grain is running over the top of the bag!!! That's how God wants to bless you... He is telling you EXACTLY how He is going to bless and reward you for your giving!!!

The problem is that most people are afraid to witness to the lost and that is where we can REALLY, help you. By making regular monthly donations or larger quarterly or once a year donations to Get God's Gift Ministries you will be blessed and rewarded and you will also be blessed and rewarded for all the people that we lead to the Lord through our website. The more donations we recieve the more advertising we can put out on the world wide web and the more people we can reach with our CLEAR presentation of the gospel of Jesus Christ. You are here today because someone else supported our ministry and that allowed us to advertise on the internet in a way that found YOU!!! In fact those donations brought our VERY CLEAR gospel message that SAVES right to your very doorstep!!! God wants us all to work together so that we can save as many lost souls as possible. God wants to reward and bless you... He really does!!! God could very easily have ordered all His angels to fly to every corner of the globe pulling mile long banners that would proclaim the one true gospel message that saves, but instead, God has entrusted His gospel message to you and me so that He can shower us with rewards and blessing here on earth and in the future when we get home to heaven!!!

We believers have all been promised a mansion in heaven, but I truely believe that our future position, status and power in heaven is going to be based on things like supporting ministries like ours that are actively witnessing to the lost souls of the world.

With EVERY dollar given to help support this ministry, I believe the bible clearly shows that you will be blessed, rewarded and given credit for EVERY lost soul that our ministry leads to a saving knowledge of our LORD and Saviour Jesus Christ.


Please send your donations to:

Get God's Gift Ministries

4411 Bee Ridge Road Ste. 412

Sarasota, FL 34233

* We accept cash, checks or money orders.

* We do not accept credit cards due to the high fees currently being charged by the banks.

* We just don't want to give 3 - 5% of your hard earned money to the big banks if we can avoid it!!!


May God bless, protect and prosper all His saints, in Jesus name... amen

Thank you for all your donations and your many, many prayers!!!